We offer commercial linen services for hotels, villas and restaurants on Providenciales.Commercial linens

We offer commercial linen services for hotels, villas and restaurants on Providenciales.

Until recently, Hotels and Villas on Providenciales have not had an out-sourcing option, so costs in the laundry department have often been “just part of doing business”. It is difficult for you to measure precise consumption of water, power, chemical, detergent, equipment, parts, tools & repairs, labour hours etc., in order to get a true cost per pound of laundry.

We have designed our operation to measure these costs precisely to keep our costs to a minimum, reflected in our great low rates.

Providing your guests with 5–Star quality linens is a must in the competitive market of luxury resort experiences. Nothing says “Quality” like pressed linens.

In 2012, the Norovirus outbreak cost hotels a great deal of time and money in the cleaning and disinfecting process. Our linens are washed at a temperature of 140 degrees, necessary for killing all known bacteria, lice and viruses, providing a healthy and safe environment for your guests. There is a 2013 strain of Norovirus.

We understand that linens are expensive. We can dramatically improve the life of your linens and keep them looking new, longer. We use various wash options of oxygen, bleach or peroxide (colour safe) to give you the cleanest possible linens.

  • We are the only commercial laundry service that uses high temperature, steam injected washers, for better cleaning.
  • We “pre-spot” for stains with our dry-cleaning spotting process which allows us to remove stains before they set.
  • We encourage our hotels to purchase extra pars as this will prolong the life of all your linens due to lower number of washes.

We believe in quality. We are fully automated but have trained staff who examine every article (be it towels, linens or napkins) as they press and fold so that when your linens get to your hotel you know they are “5-Star” and can go directly to a room or table.

We believe in service. If we have treated your linens and spotted stains that cannot be removed, they will be returned to you labeled “Out of Service” so that they don’t get inadvertently put on a bed or take up your staff’s time to sort… AND you won’t be sending them back to us and paying to have them cleaned over and over again.

We manage and invoice our laundry by the pound.

  • We weigh your incoming soiled laundry for a baseline and weigh it again when cleaned and dried. You are billed by the clean /dry weight, which is provided on computer generated manifests with each delivery. This manifest is signed by your staff at each delivery for verification.
  • We invite you to install scales at your location so that incoming laundry to your facility can be weighed again by you. We can assist you with this installation process.
  • Villa linens are counted on drop-off and verified by your staff.

Our delivery service makes rounds to hotels for pick up and delivery twice daily: between 6am – 10am and again between 5pm – 10pm.

  • Our delivery staff are professional and courteous.
  • Specially designed linen carts are used so that your product is handled only once off the press or folding table. We deliver that cart to you, where your service staff can pull linens directly from the shelf to their cart.
  • Carts are sanitized between every load.

We also specialize in cleaning drapery, duvet covers, blankets, mats, robes, cushion covers, pillows, spa items and more.

  • We can provide staff uniform dry cleaning service.
  • We offer 10% discount on dry cleaning for Management Staff.

We encourage you to speak with our existing clients. We will provide references.

We’re in the service industry and we take it seriously. We do everything we can to prevent problems, but if something goes wrong (it happens), we’ll fix it! Call us and we’ll personally investigate and solve the problem. We own the business and we are available to you 24/7/365. Also, we invite you to visit our facility in operation anytime.